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Ashhurst Mtg is a small group which gathers weekly to play Magic the Gathering
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 Rules of Moderation

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PostSubject: Rules of Moderation   Wed Sep 17, 2008 12:01 am

  1. Only edit posts to clarify their meaning (unless its for a good laugh in Random Ramblings Wink )
  2. If you must edit other people's posts, then do not delete what they say, just cross it out
  3. Only delete off-topic posts, if there are a significant number split the topic instead
  4. Only sticky important threads (You can sticky threads by editing the first post in them)
  5. Don't delete stuff, move it to the basket.
  6. Remember you can move off-topic threads ito other forums.
  7. If a thread goes badly off-topic split it or lock it.

Moderators found breaking these rules will probably be punished. Although some of them are more recommendations. But try to follow them anyway, even if they do contradict each other Laughing
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Rules of Moderation
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