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 Hybrid Deck

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Howling Mine or Spiteful Visions? Its the Red/Black Hybrid Deck!
Howling Mine
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Spiteful Visions
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PostSubject: Hybrid Deck   Mon Sep 22, 2008 7:18 pm

Which is better for this fastish Hybrid B/R hybrid deck?
Howling Mine (2) -or-
Spiteful Visions (2 b/r b/r)

This deck will play Avatar of discord as a 3 mana 5/3 flying, and
Haakon Stromgald Scourge to return my knights to play. Also Avatar can discard this guy to get hinm into play intially .
Ashenmoor Liege is a must to pump all my guys , and Kulrath knignts lock everythin else down, and these are both knights so haakon is awesome comboed, and these guys become very useful in that its hard to kill them.

Might play grief tyrant but hes heaps of mana so not sure.
I cant afford any demigods of revenge haha so scratch that idea Smile

Spiteflame witches are good for speeding up the game witch is my intentaion for this deck, and rakdos guildmage and sootwalkers are both hybrid cards with a reasonable power/toughness
This is handy for the staple enchantment in the deck: Fists of the demigod.
this will pump almost all of my creatures giving +2/+2 first strike and wither to one of my choice. It makes the avatar a 7/5 flying first strike wither on turn 4 or turn 2 if i can get more dark rituals.

I think sicklerippers may be good to start of the game as they already have wither, however mid to late game they will be less useful as they are not multicoloured and do not get as large bonuses from fists of the Demigod, or Ashenmoor liege.
Emberstrike duo could be play in this deck for some fun, they have really good art, and the abilities could be fun to play around with, however they are not particularly strong on their own, so probably not too flash.

As for Mana acceleration and fancy lands etc. i can play up to 4 rakdos signets which are fairly good since they provide variety in coulours of mana as well, keldon megaliths could come in handy if you run out of cards to play and dont draw a howling mine/spteful visions whichever i play.
I have a single graven cairns, hwoever because this is a hybrid deck, and most cards can be played with either colour of mana, i dont think the cairns will be particualry useful as in most instances i will not need the differentiation in colour that is the cairns main advantage. I can probably get a good deal from someone for it anyway.
Other possibilites are Scar, blight sickle, blowfly infestation and crumbling ashes. The ashes are probably a good choice as u can pick off all of the creatures your have been careless enough to block with, or ones that have been damaged with scar etc.
In time a necroskitter will be a good addtion for this deck as whenever you kill one of their creatures pretty much, you get it on your team, which will be pretty often in a wither deck... and midnight banshee, although its alot of mana it will kill off opponenets quickly and will be fun as works with crumbling ashes well too.

I look forward to the completion of this deck, and it will make a fun game agaisnt the simic with their grafting Smile and especially with the kulrath knights. Smile
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The Eye
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Maximum Madness / Foil Grabbing Maniac

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PostSubject: Re: Hybrid Deck   Wed Sep 24, 2008 4:54 am

Looking at the deck, I think you MIGHT want to think about Riot Spikes; they up the power by two, and can always remove a 1/1 that's getting in the way, plus it's hybrid. Wrecking balls may also be worth considering.

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stands for proficiency

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PostSubject: Re: Hybrid Deck   Wed Sep 24, 2008 7:05 am

good idea
i didnt think about the use of riot spikes as removal so that could be handy.
i dont think ill need wreking balls since wither itself is quite good removal.
also ill probaby be playing riot spikes and scars so dont really require removal that badly
anyway there is always 'Terminate', one of my personal favourite cards of all time, that i can get next time if i need it that badly, but otherwise i think im good.

Now for the question of acceleration
Howling Mines of Spiteful Visions???
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PostSubject: Re: Hybrid Deck   

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Hybrid Deck
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