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 Angel Deck

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PostSubject: Chris's Angel deck   Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:09 am

Here's my Angel deck, it narrowly lost to Williams Angel deck on Saturday.....
Any suggestions would be appreciated...

151273,"Spirit Link",2
26647,"Wild Growth",2
145437,"Daybreak Coronet",2
3736,"Femeref Enchantress",2
35167,"Hunting Grounds",2
134575,"Serra Avenger",2
151245,"Glorious Anthem",1
141752,"Gaea's Anthem",1
151234,"Aura of Silence",2
83320,"Verduran Enchantress",2
158762,"Shield of the Oversoul",2
141760,"Malach of the Dawn",2
145774,"Magus of the Moat",2
123954,"Proper Burial",1
151284,"Voice of All",2
15131,"Voice of Reason",2
151268,"Serra's Embrace",2
134389,"Celestial Crusader",1
151267,"Serra Angel",2
127996,"Adarkar Valkyrie",2
73737,"Luminous Angel",2
151263,"Reya Dawnbringer",2
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Angel Deck
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