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 Little Bashers

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PostSubject: Kevin's Decks (#2)   Sun May 25, 2008 10:01 am

Little Bashers (W)
Soldiers that get benefits from each other and equipment, based around Mirrodin pre-made deck

auriok steelshaper x4
auriok windwalker x2
aven cloudchaser x2
ballyrush banneret
benalish commander x3
daru warchief x4
enlistment officer
field marshal x2
leonin shikari
loxodon punisher x3
loxodon gatekeeper
preeminent captainsoltari trooper

leave no trace
lightning greaves
loxodon warhammer x2
neurok hoversail
rebuff the wicked
vulshok morningstar

forbidding watchtower
daru encampment x2
plains x20

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Little Bashers
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