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 Meadowgrain Sentinels

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PostSubject: Meadowgrain Sentinels   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:47 am

Probably my only deck that is capable of a turn 4 kill.

Up to date as of 21st April 2010

Plains (20)
Burrenton Forge-Tender (4)
Goldmeadow Stalwart (2)
Ballyrush Banneret
Knight of Meadowgrain (4)
Wizened Cenn (4)
Mistmeadow Skulk (3)
Cenn's Heir (2)
Mark of Asylum (1)
Veteran's Armaments (1)
Militia's Pride
Kithkin Harbinger (4)
Pentarch Ward (3)
Kithkin Zephyrnaut (1)
Kinsbaile Borderguard (1)
Order of Whiteclay (1)
Thoughtweft Trio (2)
Armored Ascension (3)
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Meadowgrain Sentinels
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