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 House Rules

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Choose the rules you agreee with
Life total counting in 2HG
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Banning Lighthouse Chronologist in Emperor
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Conceding when you're about to die that turn
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Forum Wizzard

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PostSubject: House Rules   Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:09 pm

Thought we ought to get together the things we've agreed on, and make sure we actually agree on them Razz

As far as I can remember, these are our house rules so far:

  1. In 2HG, anything saying "As long as your life total is higher than X" counts the team life total, divided by the number of people on the team. (The official rules are somewhat vague, it usually depends on the exact wording of the cards)
  2. Lighthouse Chronologist is banned in Emperor.
  3. Players conceding when they're about to die, in order to give an advantage to another player (When you're going to die in a few seconds, conceding is completely pointless, and doing so to give the advantage to another player is evil).

In the format we play, there are no banned cards other than what is listed above.

If anyone wants to suggest another house rule, then they can post it here. Its best to keep the list fairly short, and we only really want to fix the really badly broken stuff. So no "I want card X banned because I don't like it". Its got to actually involve something which makes the game boring for most people, like an Emperor playing Lighthouse Chronologist and getting a ton of turns to do nothing in.
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Maximum Madness / Foil Grabbing Maniac

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PostSubject: Re: House Rules   Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:31 pm

The first rule is pretty much the official rule anyway; each player counts as having their portion of the life total. (If a team is on 30 and you play something which says 'your life total becomes 20', you go to 35.)

Another rule which I should mention is that both players are the defending players; the only time you choose one of them is if an ability references a single defending player. This means Blazing Archon and Sun Droplet still work for your team in combat.

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House Rules
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