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 Hommage to Max ( Equip Deck King in ma eyes XD)

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Santa's favourite recipient

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PostSubject: Hommage to Max ( Equip Deck King in ma eyes XD)   Wed Oct 13, 2010 8:14 am

1x Suntail Hawk (Back up Flyer XD)
1x Palace Gaurd (Defense)
2x Accoders Sheild
1x Golden Urn
1x Vulshok Morningstar
2x Blight Sickle
1x Leonin Scimitar
1x Explorer's Scope
2x Infiltration Lens
1x Sylvok Lifestaff
1x Bladed Pinions
1x Peregrine Mask
3x Kitesail
1x Adventuring Gear


1x Kor Hookmaster
2x Lone Missionary
1x Zealot il-vec (Shadow = Damage)
1x Sunspear Shikari
1x Salvage Scout
2x Kor Outfitter
2x Auriok Glaivemaster
3x Leonin Den-Gaurd
1x Veteran Armorer
1x Kitesail Apprentice
1x Marsh Threader
1x Leonin Squire
1x Zeolous Gaurdian

I need better cards (obviously) and also need maybe 20 land, but i can probly get that easy, so am willing to trade!!

Foxteh will destroy us all!
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Hommage to Max ( Equip Deck King in ma eyes XD)
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